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Trump's Allies are Trying to Get Him Back on Social Media

Trump's Allies are Trying to Get Him Back on Social Media

Sway (2021 Aug 19). How Jason Miller Is Trying to Get Trump Back on the Internet. The New York Times.  

According to the author, Donald Trump has been banned from major social media platforms. However, Jason Miller, one of his closest allies and former spokesperson has been on the forefront in ensuring Donald Trump makes a comeback into the social networking sites. In the debate, it is highlighted that Donald Trump’s social media posts are believed to have incited his supporters to protest and launch an attack on the US capitol in January 6. Twitter and Facebook are among the social media platforms that banned Trump from using their sites. It was believed that allowing Donald Trump to keep posting on the social media platforms could pose a risk to the Americans. In their statement, the social media platforms indicated that they cannot allow an individual to violate the terms of service regardless of their position. After the January 6 incident, there has been a series of events surrounding Donald Trump and his next step in the social networking space. What is uncertain is whether he would be allowed back to twitter which was his favorite platform or he will opt to have his own social media platform.  

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