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Trump's Ban on Social Media is Cramping His Style

Trump's Ban on Social Media is Cramping His Style

Smith D. (2021 Oct, 9). The silence of Donald Trump: how Twitter’s ban is cramping his style. The Guardian:  

The author of this article starts by highlighting the massive Twitter following of the former US president, Donald Trump. Trump had 88 million followers at the time he was banned on Twitter. The main concern in this article is the fading discussions regarding Donald Trump-related topics. It is believed that lack of a platform such as Twitter is making Donald Trump lose popularity. For instance, there has been a decline in the click on the Trump topics since March 2021. The current regime has also found a way of shifting the attention of the citizens to the matters of national interest. For example, when Trump is referred to us the “the former guy” by the current US president indicates that the former is no longer relevant in the political space. Regardless of the Trump’s efforts to organize for rallies across the country, banning him on social media platforms had a huge impact on his political influence.  

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