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Trump's Blog Page Shuts Down for Good

Trump's Blog Page Shuts Down for Good

Breuninger, K. (2021, June 2). Trump blog page shuts down for good. CNBC.

According to this at article, Trump’s recently launched blog has been permanently shut down. The author states that the From the Desk of Donald J. Trump has been removed from Trump’s website and there are hopes it will return according to Jason Millers comments to CNBC. Miller stated that the blog was an auxiliary to the broader efforts the Trump team have been working on. The blog page was shut down less than a month after it was launched and Trump’s aide confirmed that it is not coming back. When someone on Twitter asked whether the decision to shut down the blog was a precursor to Trump joining another social media platform, Miller replied that it is, and told people to stay tuned. The author states that Trump and his allies have been accusing Big Tech of being tainted and are prone to censoring conservatives. Recently, Trump teased the launch of an alternative platform, but the blog section launched is reported to have been ill-equipped to challenge the social media giants. Miller clarified that the blog was not the new platform being rumored, but just a resource where people could access Trump’s statements.  

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