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Trump's Case Against Twitter Taken to Northern California

Trump's Case Against Twitter Taken to Northern California

Larson E. (2021, Oct 26). Trump Fails to Keep His Twitter Ban Lawsuit in Florida Court. Bloomberg.  

The author of this article indicates that the banning Donald Trump from Twitter resulted from the violation of the platform’s regulations. It is believed that the former president’s tweets incited his supporters to riot and attack the US capitol on January 6th. The matter that was initially supposed to be handled in by a district court in Miami was moved to Northern California based on Twitter’s legal terms that requires all the legal matters to be handled in the said state. According to the article, two judges have already rejected Trump’s claims on the unfair treatment by the two social media platforms. One of the claims brought forward by Trump’s legal team was that he was the high ranking government employee and cannot contract with Twitter the way an ordinary person does. The legal team believes that these decisions made at the lower courts can be overturned at the Supreme Court.  

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