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Trump's Charge of Inciting the January Attack on Capitol

Trump's Charge of Inciting the January Attack on Capitol

Wolfe, J. (2021, January 27). Explainer: Why Trump's post-presidency perks, like a pension and office, are safe for the rest of his life. U.S.

According to Reuters, due to Trump's charge of inciting the January attack on Capitol, there are speculations that he will lose some benefits extended to former presidents. However, legal experts say that Trump will retain perks including a pension, office space and security detail even if he was prosecuted in the impeachment trial. This is all possible due to an obscure law enacted in 1958, the Former Presidents Act. He will enjoy benefits such as suitable office space, Secret Service protection, $100,000 per year to help cover the cost of a staff, and a pension of $220,000 per year. Trump's annual benefits will be more than $1 million as currently the four living former presidents were receiving a total $ 4 million in perks. The only time a president would lose the benefits is if they were removed from office during their presidency, but in a case of a senate impeachment, the presidents retain his/her benefits. The office of the former president is the costliest among the benefits, it costs about $500,000. And if you are wondering who makes the choice where the office will be located, it is the president. So, Trump gets to choose where he wants his office to be located. Since he stated that he will relocate to Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, his office will be located there. Finally, although it was hinted that Trump should not be allowed into intelligence briefings by Adam Schiff the House Intelligence committee chair, Trump still can be in intelligence briefings and access to classified information.  

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