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Trump's Communication Style on Twitter Helped Him Win Primaries

Trump's Communication Style on Twitter Helped Him Win Primaries

Ahmadian, S., Azarshahi, S., & Paulhus, D. L. (2017). Explaining Donald Trump via communication style: Grandiosity, informality, and dynamism. Personality and Individual Differences, 107, 49-53.

Ahmadian, Azarshahi, and Paulhus, (2017) addresses Trump’s communication style on Twitter and how it helped him win over his opponents. The author states that Trump was able to dominate more experienced Republican competitors during primaries. In the study, the author transcribed 27 speech segments and applied each of them to a computerized text analysis software called Pennebaker’s Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count. The authors also conducted acoustic analyses of the speech recordings and they were coded for grandiosity by trained raters. Among the candidates, Trump scored the highest on grandiosity ratings, use of first-person pronouns, greater pitch dynamics, and informal communications, which included the use of Twitter. Trump’s communication style was identified as managed overcoming his questionable political platform. According to the authors, Trump benefitted among this list because of his ability to use the right campaign communication style.

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