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Trump's Followers Asked Him To Run for President

Trump's Followers Asked Him To Run for President

Bump, P. (June 20, 2017). How the people who asked Trump to run on Twitter in 2013 feel about him now. Retrieved from

This article is an analysis of the events that happened after Donald Trump’s interest in running for president in the year 2012 because afterwards in 2013, he received support from other people. His strategic entrance into the race for running for office came from him “retweeting people calling on him to run in 2016.” In a typical world, a candidate announces their desire to run for president and start getting momentum in the public through endorsements and support from different figures in the society. There was a total of 137 tweets sent out by people with the suggestion that Trump runs for president in 2016, “@avedders: @realDonaldTrump you're the man! You should run for president!" Thanks!” and this happened in 2013. However, at this moment, Trump was popular for his role on The Apprentice hence his political views had not yet sank in the ears and minds of the American voters, but there were supporters, opponents, as well as those with mixed feelings.

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