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Trump's Hilarious & Offensive Tweet from 2011

Trump's Hilarious & Offensive Tweet from 2011

McKernan, B. (2016). This fake Donald Trump tweet is accidentally proving a hilarious (and slightly offensive) point. Retrieved from

This article explores the different Tweets that were doing rounds while Donald Trump had kick-started his campaigns because there emerged some fake news about him before he decided to run for the office of the presidency, allegedly. People are airing their voce on Social media as a way of expressing their views on the matter that is being discussed because immediately after the Republican Primaries were over Trump was the presumptive nominee. The author states that, “And yet: Trump is now the presumptive Republican nominee after Ted Cruz conceded defeat in the Indiana primary on Tuesday night.” Donald Trump’s followers on Twitter had different reactions to the tweet that was alleged to be quickly deleted back in the year 2011. The article clear illustration the connection between Trump’s behavior while campaigning for the office and his tactics to handle the politics being discussed since we find that, “Most of what comes out of his mouth would sink another politician's campaign.”


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