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Trump's Idea on 'Space Force'

Trump's Idea on 'Space Force'

Perry, T. (2018, March 14). Trump thinks we need a 'Space Force? To fight an imaginary war. Here's how Twitter responded. Retrieved from

On early March 2018, Trump proposed an idea of developing a defense system called a “Space Force,” which would serve to protect America’s interest just like other military bodies. The president appeared to be so impressed with his “Space Force” idea that he justified it as a defense measure. The president quickly took to the social media and posted on Twitter that his administration wants to take advantage of space as ‘a warfighting domain’ and design a new military branch that would protect America from space. The ridiculous tweet managed to generate various responses of equal measure of stupidity. Perry’s article has selected 13 of the most hilarious Twitter responses and memes to the president’s “Space Force” notion. However, there has been a lot of speculation on whether the proposal was a publicity stunt to distract Americans from his numerous scandals or just another careless thought-process on the part of the president.

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