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Trump's Involvement in Georgia Governor Race is Causing Chaos

Trump's Involvement in Georgia Governor Race is Causing Chaos

Warren M. (2021, Nov 18). Trump's thirst for revenge is causing chaos in the Georgia governor's race. CNN Politics:  

This article highlights Donald Trump’s involvement in Georgia Republican Party politics. According to the author, the former president is still angry with the Governor Brian Kemp on how he reacted to the 2020 election results in Georgia. According to Donald Trump, the actual numbers should have put him ahead of Joe Bidden especially in Georgia. According to Republicans in Georga, the public should expect the former Senator David Perdue as the key opponent running against Brian Kemp. However, putting the two individuals against each other may worsen the situation in Georgia since Republican opponents are slowly gaining dominance. While a majority believe that Kemp may find it hard to influence Trump supporters, he has already started making bold moves such as promoting campaigns. Trump openly showed dislike to Kemp when he declared preference to other potential candidates such Abrams.  

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