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Trump's Lawsuit Against Big Tech Faces First Hurdle

Trump's Lawsuit Against Big Tech Faces First Hurdle

Liptak, A. (2021, July 14). Trump suits against tech giants face steep First Amendment hurdles. The New York Times.

According to this article, it is fitting that the lawsuit filed against the three social media giants, Twitter, Facebook, and Google for blocking Trump are filed in Florida. This is because the state of Florida has for long been on the cutting edge and the losing end as well on efforts to have the Big Tech publish political messages they disagree with. The author mentions that 50years ago, the Supreme Court struck down a Florida Law that was granting politicians permission to reply to a newspaper article that criticized them. Just recently, a judge in Florida rejected an enacted state law that would have imposed hefty amounts of fines on tech companies that Deplatform candidate for office. The authors add that the lawsuits filed by Trump on June 30th against Twitter, Facebook, and Google face steep odds because the first amendment applies only to government censorship and not private companies. The judge preceding over the case said that the law also protects publishers and editorial judgements even those that do not offer politicians a platform.  

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