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Trump's New Platform Hijacked by Trolls

Trump's New Platform Hijacked by Trolls  

Enrich, D., Goldstein, M,. & Goldmacher S. (2021 Oct 30). Trump Takes Advantage of Wall Street Fad to Bankroll New Neture. The New York Times:

The platform reports that Donald Trump has had challenges or rather a bad reputation in the Wall Street especially before he became president. However, Trump has had an opportunity to source funds for his upcoming social media company. The new company is formed through SPAC (special purpose acquisition companies) which is sometimes called blank check company is a type of business venture that does not give investors more details about how it may turn out to be in the future. It is also revealed that Trump has launched three other similar companies yet no single entity has been completed. In one of the presentation, it has been discovered that the new social media company lists both social networking and entertainment companies as key rivals. However, a few hours after its announcement, hackers are said to have accessed the platform and created fake user accounts including Trump’s name among other Key individuals. Nonetheless, the initiative has attracted the attention of investors and political leaders on both side of the debate.  

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