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Trump's Save America Rally

Trump's Save America Rally

Fowler. S. (2021 Sept 7). Trump Continues Georgia Focus With Planned 'Save America' Rally In Perry. GPB:  

This article highlights Donald Trump’s planned tour in Georgia. He is conducting his “save America Rally” to support his preferred candidates in Georgia. According to this article, Georgia remains one of Donald Trump’s strongholds even though he narrowly lost to Joe Bidden in the 2020 presidential elections. It is believed that Georgia has a significant influence in shaping election outcomes. According to Trump, the election results was a “scam” and he believes Americans within Georgia will vote against the current regime because of the alleged electoral malpractices. In the recent past, the pro-Trump Republicans have started preparing for campaigns after identifying their most preferred candidates. However, there is also a rising threat of Democrats dominance in the region making it a fierce ground in the coming elections. Therefore, republicans are keen on identifying and giving maximum support to their candidates with a goal of “restoring the lost glory”.  

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