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Trump’s Sentiment on Obama Has Not Been Positive

Trump’s Sentiment on Obama Has Not Been Positive

Wang, E. (2017). A sentiment analysis of the greatest tweets from the tweeter-in-chief. Retrieved from

This article analyzes how Donald Trump has been using Twitter while talking about different people and events, like watching Fox and Friends, Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the media while using either an Android or iPhone. Trump’s campaign was conducted on Twitter as he used it from a personal point and even after winning the election, he has not stopped tweeting citing that through his presidency, more tweets have been sent out from him. Trump’s sentiment on Obama has not been positive citing that he was skeptical about his citizenship thus calling him the “worst president in the history of the United States.” Additionally, Hillary Clinton has also been on the receiving end as Trump has been tweeting about her and going to the extent of a nickname “Crooked Hillary.” Most of his tweets have also touched on the media portraying his sentiment as not a friend to it, unlike Fox & Friends.

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