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Trump's Tweet on Recording Official Communications

Trump's Tweet on Recording Official Communications

Press, A. (2017, May 13). With 'Tape' Tweet, Trump has drawn a perilous parallel with Nixon. Retrieved from

This article provides a detailed explanation why Trump’s ‘Tape’ tweet addressed to James Comey, former FBI Director, might just land in trouble, if at all there is indeed a tape. More than four decades ago, after the resignation of President Nixon when his secret office recordings were used to implicate him in the Watergate scandal, the Oval Office taping system was detached. However, in a recent tweet by Donald Trump during early May 2018, the president hinted that conversations in the Oval Office might be taped in secret just as they were in Nixon’s administration. The revelation made by the tweet has left many analysts wondering why Trump would have decided to reinstate the taping of his office conversations. Besides, even if that was the case, why would he still go ahead and tweet it. If perhaps the recordings exist, this particular incident would be a great lesson for Trump, especially now that the Congress has requested him to provide the tapes of his conversations with James Comey.

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