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Trump's Tweeting Behavior Has Highs And Lows

Trump's Tweeting Behavior Has Highs And Lows

Politico Magazine. (May/June 2016). I. You. Great. Trump. * A graphic analysis of Trump’s Twitter history, in five slides. Retrieved from

This article explores the four most tweeted words by Donald Trump and it dates back to his first tweet in 2009 whereby a lot is in store to learn about him as well. “We analyzed Donald Trump’s tweets going back to the beginning, in 2009, and it turns out there’s a lot you can learn about the man, too.” From August 14, 2009 to March 7, 2016, the analysis of his tweets reveals that there have been different events following his tweeting technique which employs a different behavior of having highs and lows. Most of the words used by Donald Trump in his tweets refer to him, for example, “I, You, Great, Trump, He, @realDonaldTrump, We, Thank, My, and #Trump2016.” Over the same period, Trump seemed to have some “loves and hates” and to make it effective, he “tweets more adjectives” which are constantly directed to other people and they include: mentioning Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Ben Carson, and Vladimir Putin as great while Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush were weak.

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