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Trump’s Tweeting Behavior Is Almost Predictable?

Trump’s Tweeting Behavior Is Almost Predictable?

Ivie, D. (2017, March 15). A brief history of Donald Trump calling out 'failing' celebrities on Twitter. Retrieved from

In this article, Ivie suggests that Donald Trump’s tweeting behavior is almost predictable. If he is not talking about politics and the media, Trump is likely tweeting about celebrities whom he does not like, particularly those who disagree with either his political or personal principles. The author notes that Trump likes to use the word “fail” together with its variant forms, to criticize the careers of such celebrities. For instance, in one of his tweets in 2017, Trump posted a fresh insult to Snoop Dogg, criticizing his “failing career.” According to Ivie, Trump has a strong affinity to the verb “fail” as one can clearly point out from his past tweets. This article provides an invaluable insight into Trump’s worst fear. It seems that Trump is obsessed with success to the extent that he perceives failure as something embarrassing. Additionally, it is clear that the president is not an easy target; once he is attacked, it is certain that he will retaliate even harder.

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