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Trump's Tweeting Habits Have Redefined Politics

Trump's Tweeting Habits Have Redefined Politics

Collins, T. (January 20, 2018). Trump's itchy Twitter thumbs have redefined politics. Retrieved from

This article explores the changes that have been experienced in the presidency after President Donald Trump was inaugurated into office. He simply does not like anyone that criticizes him and therefore, he takes everything on Twitter, even if it is his own advisers. “He hates being criticized, challenged or even cautioned by his own advisers. When they do speak up, President Donald Trump retaliates by doubling down on his virtual megaphone: Twitter.” His tweets are sometimes provocative and he does not care if there is truth in the comments being made because it does not matter, “It doesn't matter if his comments are true…” His personal Twitter handle is used for sending tweets to his critics whereby they confirm how he is a “bully,” not well-informed, and racist. Furthermore, the article analyzes his behavior by calling him a dramatic individual as he expresses his opinions on a platform that has a wider impact on the general population. All in all,” it is cited that most Americans consume their news from social media, “Two-thirds of Americans now get some of their news from social media…” and President Trump’s administration has been “one of the biggest political upsets in modern history.”

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