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Trump's Tweets Highlighting Sensitive IR Matters

Trump's Tweets Highlighting Sensitive IR Matters  

Posner, S. (2017, July 5). Opinion | Trump’s tweets have suddenly grown a lot more dangerous. Retrieved from

Posner’s article provides a detailed explanation as to why the president’s compulsive tweeting behavior could potentially provoke international wars. Better known for his tweeting behaviors than his achievements during his first six months in office, Donald Trump is indeed a president to be remembered. The president has developed a reputation for using Twitter as a place to settle scores with others, communicate directly to Americans, and to create countless controversies. Indeed, the president lays out the different roles with so much passion. Posner notes that the president has been unrelenting in his excessive tweeting behavior despite the numerous criticisms levelled against him by opponents and some of his supporters. The author complained that the president’s ranting on Twitter had become dangerous for the country. Citing the recent fiery exchange between Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Posner warns of the possibility of an international war which could be sparked by Trump’s reckless tweets.

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