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Trump's Tweets On Foreign Policy

Trump's Tweets On Foreign Policy  

Lui, K. (May 5, 2017). Trump Says His Tweets Help Foreign Policy. But His Global Views Have Changed Dramatically. Retrieved from

This article analyzes the word put out there by President Trump long before he started campaigning and even now that he is in office and through his tweets, he was to help foreign policy, however, everything drastically changed. It is evident that some of his tweets were different from what he is doing while President citing that, “In 2013, Trump called a mooted militarily intervention in Syria “a polititian’s [sic] war” and mocked the country’s situation with reference to Obamacare. But in April 2017, President Trump hurled 59 cruise missiles at the country, as a punitive move for the Assad regime’s used of suspected chemical weapons.”Most of his frustrations are expressed on social media as he tries to communicate with the millions of his followers and other people watching him. What the article analyzes and explores, are the instances that President Donald Trump has sent out a good tweet before his tenure as President, but had an opposite tweet or feeling on the same matter.

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