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Trump's Tweets on Russia's Probe

Trump's Tweets on Russia's Probe

Rampton, R. (2017, December 4). Trump's 'perilous' tweets over Russia probe. InDaily. Retrieved from

This article provides details about Trump’s tweets regarding an ongoing investigation, which is said to have the potential to land him in trouble. With a criminal investigation concerning the involvement of Russia in the 2016 presidential election of the US in progress, one would not expect the president to comment about the issue until everything was resolved. However, Donald Trump is not like any other president people have seen. In December 2017, the president reportedly took to the social media to tweet to express his thoughts about the then-ongoing probe into Russian election interference. In fact, the president also gave details about he had fired Michael Flynn, his former national security adviser. However, the president was heavily criticized for commenting on an ongoing case. Some analysts argue that the president’s comments on Twitter could cause him to risk prosecution in the event that he was found to have obstructed justice.

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