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Trump's Twitter Account Shaped the Use of Social Media Platforms

Trump's Twitter Account Shaped the Use of Social  Media Platforms  

Madhani, A & Colvin J. (2021 Jan 9). Farewell, @realDonaldTrump: Looking back at the Twitter account's provocative history. USA TODAY:  
The author of this article provides a brief description of how Donald Trump’s Twitter account grew from a platform for business, television show to a presidential megaphone. The author states that the account was barely 12 years since its opening in 2009. Some of the last tweets from Donald Trump’s accounts were believed to have incited the violent mob that led to the attack on the US capital. The author further discusses Trump’s earlier uses of Twitter and his later realization of what the platform was capable of in leadership. Donald Trump’s official account commanded a high engagement rate. An example is given to the tweet they made when they contracted the corona virus. The tweet had 1.8 million likes and 400,000 retweets. A clear indication of a massive active following. Donald Trump used his twitter platform to talk about both personal and administrative issues after becoming president. The number of followers increased over time which in turn contributed to the increasing influence of Donald Trump’s Twitter account. In the end, @realDonald Trump account is one of the outstanding Twitter accounts that has shaped the use of social media platforms in politics and beyond.  

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