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Trump's Use of Twitter Helped Him Win the Elections

Trump's Use of Twitter Helped Him Win the Elections

Jackson, J. (2018). Donald Trump, disruptive technologies, and twitter’s role in the 2016 American presidential election. Retrieved from;

The author highlights the occurrences following the announcement of Donald Trump as the winner of the 2016 presidential election. He further gives a description of the victory as shocking and stunning. The article explains the reason for the shock describing President Donald Trump’s campaign as controversial and full of protests and that he had no prior military or government experience. The author puts emphasis on the fact that Donald Trump planned to use social media specifically twitter as the primary tool of communication. Trump’s use of twitter helped him to win the presidential race and the author compares him to other presidents who used twitter; Barack Obama, Franklin Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy. The article outlines a framework for assessing disruptive technologies and offers a historical analysis of how the previous presidents of America have used disruptive technologies to win the presidency. The conclusion of the article is that President Donald Trump used twitter to become the 45th president of America.  

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