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Trump’s Uses a Negative Tone and Sentiment To Drive Engagement

Trump’s Uses a Negative Tone and Sentiment To Drive Engagement

Wahl-Jorgensen, K. (2017, June 8). Trump's inappropriate anger has become essential to his political success. The Conversation. Retrieved from

In this article, Wahl-Jorgensen notes that Donald Trump’s anger plays a pivotal role in the success of his politics. According to the author, most politicians and public figures know the importance of managing their emotions appropriately to avoid losing their credibility in public eyes. However, it seems that the odds tend to favor Donald Trump, who is often described by the media as being inherently angry, since he still remains popular among both his detractors and supporters. In fact, anger has become a trademark for most of Donald Trump’s tweets on Twitter. Surprisingly, most of his supporters tend to endorse Donald Trump’s anger on Twitter. For instance, tweets that are associated with negative sentiment and tone often generate high user engagement levels in the form of retweets, likes, and replies as opposed to those with a neutral or positive sentiment. This article is useful because it provides invaluable sights into how Trump’s uses a negative tone and sentiment to increase his online presence on Twitter.

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