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Trump's Vlogs Analysis by Nuzzi

Trump's Vlogs Analysis by Nuzzi

Nuzzi, O. (2016, February 29). Inside Trump’s make believe presidential addresses. The Daily Beast.

This article is about Donald Trump’s YouTube vlogs that used to be about movie reviews and his products. The author says that Trump used his YouTube channel to talk about important things such as the rise of China, Mike Tyson’s play, Trump-brand cologne and Batman and asks whether this will be the presidential addresses of the future. From his Oval Office, high above Manhattan in Trump Tower, Trump addresses various topics some like movie review which are mostly a demand from the people. In one video, Trump says that lots of people have been asking him to review movies and plays and he kicks off with a review about Mike Tyson and said that His play is amazing. Other topics that Trump addressed include his campaign for the Republican nomination. China killing us, Obama Iran policy, and jobs. During his review of Mike Tyson’s play, he pulls out a box his cologne and introduces it as a new fragrance that will make things come true. Then he shares his experience as a job creator and sys that the worst employee is a good employee. He says that a bad employee is fired immediately, but a good employee is kept and cherished because they are fantastic. However, Trump notes that a good employee cannot take you to the next level, they are too good to be fired but not good enough. He concludes that if you keep the good employees, you will never do great. Among other plays he reviews is The Dark Knight Rises, which Trump believes was commonly known as The Batman movie. He says the movie was terrific and most importantly, the trump Tower was featured in the movie.  

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