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Trump's Worst Tweets

Trump's Worst Tweets

Rindskopf, J. (June 1, 2018). 20 of Trump’s Worst Tweets (So Far). Retrieved from

This article analyzes President Trump’s Twitter handle and comes up with 20 of his worst tweets. He starts tweeting as early as 3 a.m. and as a result, they could be rants that put him on the public eye because his communication with the people has employed a direct line of using Twitter. “FDR had his fireside chats, and Donald Trump has his 3 a.m. Twitter rants. Our current president has been in the public eye considerably less since his January 2017 inauguration, but his direct line of communication with the people — Twitter — remains intact.” One instance is where actress Meryl Streep Condemned Trump at the Golden Globes ceremony without mentioning his name, but be tweeted; calling her “overrated. Secondly, the travel ban came at a time when people were expecting so much from him as he was inaugurated into office, but that was his first order of business. Basically, the 20 tweets portray President Trump as an individual who likes to look for an issue where there isn’t one.

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