Tweets Sent by Donald Trump are Unpredictable

Tweets Sent by Donald Trump are Unpredictable

Rocheleau, M. (2017, January 19). Trump’s tweets are unpredictable. But when he sends them is a little more regular. Retrieved from  

According to this article, the tweets sent by Donald Trump are unpredictable but he sends them more regularly. The author looks into the subject with an opening statement that anyone can guess what Donald Trump’s next tweet is but when he tweets is more predictable. The author identifies Trump’s tweeting habit stating that he is most likely to tweet in the period of 6 a.m. and 9.59 a.m. This is according to the information received from his twitter feed; @realDonaldTrump. The article further identifies the most common hour in which Trump uses twitter as 8 a.m. further elaborating that this time frame accounts for 15% of his tweets since he was elected as the President of United States. The article enlightens the readers that this was not the initial tweeting pattern of Donald Trump before he won the elections. His timings for twitter activity were less predictable then as per the analysis of an estimated 7,800 tweets, replies, and retweets.

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