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Twitch Suspends Trump's Account Citing Hateful Conduct

Twitch Suspends Trump's Account Citing Hateful Conduct

Bursztynsky. J. (2020 Jun, 29). Amazon’s video site Twitch suspends Trump’s channel, citing ‘hateful conduct’. CNBC:  
According to the author of this article, Donald Trump was banned on Twitch because of the hateful conduct in the content he shared on the platform. Twitch, a platform mostly used to stream e-sports indicated that the comments made by Trump in two rallies violated the company’s terms of use. The video content of a campaign rally in 2016 was rebroadcasted on the platform. Twitch noticed that the video contained Trumps comments on the Mexican border. In the video, Trump said that Mexico was sending over rapists or drug dealers. The second case was highlighted in Trump’s most recent Tulsa rally.  Twitch spokesperson emphasized that the company does not allow hateful conduct as seen in Donald Trump’s comments. At the time of publishing this article, it was not clear on how long the ban could last. The ban came just one year after Donald Trump had joined the platform. Twitch has been working on removing or limiting content that led to the allegations of sexual abuse and harassment.  

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