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Twitter Allows Users To Tweet On Different Issues

Twitter Allows Users To Tweet On Different Issues

Katrandjian, O. (2011, December 1). The Year According to Twitter: 2011's Top Tweets. Retrieved from

The article explores the top tweets in the year 2011. The introduction provides background information of the use of the social media platform of twitter. According to the statistics, more than one hundred million people log into twitter daily from all over the world. People tweet about everything including their meals and daily commutes. It also highlights how powerful twitter is, as it allows people to share important events with people who are in different parts of the world. The article is informative as it enlightens the readers of the fact that each year twitter compiles a recap of the most important tweets according to the impact that they created gauged by the number of retweets generated. The author then provides an analysis of the top ten tweets for 2011 which include; “Welcome back Egypt”, “Helicopter hovering above Abbottabad at 1 am”, “My daughter her name is Sarah m. Rivera”, “This lockout is really boring anybody playing flag football in Okc…I need to run around or something!”, “Broom up London.”

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