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Twitter Bans Accounts Claiming to Be Black Trump Supporters

Twitter Bans Accounts Claiming to Be Black Trump Supporters

Reuters Staff. "Twitter Suspends Accounts Claiming to Be Black Trump Supporters over Spam, Manipulation." U.S. Last modified October 13, 2020.

On Oct 13th 2020, Twitter banned a number of accounts that were showing their support for Donald Trump. Twitter banned the accounts for sending messages that showed their support for Donald Trump weeks ahead of the US presidential election on 3rd November. The accounts claimed to be black supporters of Donald Trump. One of the messages shared in the groups was "YES IM BLACK AND IM VOTING FOR TRUMP!!!"  

Twitter stated that the accounts violated the platforms rules on spam and platform manipulation. Twitter did not exactly disclose the actual number of accounts banned. It is alleged that the accounts attracted more than a quarter of a million retweets or mentions before they were suspended. So, even if they were banned the message was already out.  

Mr Linvill a social media disinformation researcher at Clemson University in South Carolina who spent some few days tracking the accounts, says that the accounts collectively received 265,000 retweets or Twitter mentions.  

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