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Twitter Conduct Policy

Twitter Conduct Policy

Murdock, J. (2018, April 11). Twitter: Why the social network still won't ban President Donald Trump. Retrieved from

The author begins by updating us on the existing rules on the ‘hateful conduct policy’ which states that the content on social media must not contain violent threats or wish physical harm. This ultimately raises the question, why President Donald Trump can still access his twitter account after stating that a missile strike against another country could be imminent. This led to the question from most twitter users, ‘Is Trump exempt from the website rules?’ The article gives details of what followed the questions and concerns about the President’s violation of twitter rules. So far, the website refused to comment on the matter and only provided a link through a statesman which talks of the complexity of banning major political figures from using twitter. The author does not end the discussion at this point but goes ahead to mention that little has changed since then. Trump continues to use hateful words and threats on the twitter.  

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