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Twitter Features to Help Leaders Understand How They Are Creating Engagement on Their Tweets

Twitter Features To Help Leaders Understand How They Are Creating Engagement on Each Of Their Tweets

@buster‎. (2014, July 10). New Tweet activity dashboard offers richer analytics. Retrieved from

In this blog post, the author details a report about a new tweet activity dashboard that gives users elaborate insights into how their posts are performing on Twitter. According to the author, unlike the traditional activity dashboard which only revealed counts of retweets and favorites, the new panel provides additional details that illustrate different ways in which people interact with a post, including the scope of the audience reached by the tweet. For instance, the new impression metric feature allows users to know the number of times their tweets have been viewed by followers and other users. This aspect will prompt social media leaders and brands to find creative ways of increasing their social power and online presence. Moreover, it will allow researchers to understand the patterns of user engagement with a tweet. Through these patterns, it becomes easier to know the effectiveness of different engagement variables such as likes, favorites, retweets, and replies.  

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