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Twitter Flagged 5 Tweets by Trump Posted the Same Day

Twitter Flagged 5 Tweets by Trump Posted the Same Day

Jibilian, I. (2020, November 5). Twitter has now labelled 5 of Trump's tweets as 'disputed' and possibly 'misleading'. Business Insider South Africa.

On 4th November 2020, Twitter flagged 5 tweets by Trump posted the same day. All the tweets were flagged as disputed and potentially misleading meaning they violated Twitter's policy on misinformation. The issue was the legitimacy of the 2020 elections as vote counting was still going on. Twitter had earlier warned against election misinformation. So, they disputed Trump's questioning of surprise ballot dumps as counting continued. Twitter said that some or all of the information shared by Trump in his tweet were disputed and could be misleading. In one of his tweets, Trump was complaining that the Michigan voting statistics were fraudulent. The statistics showed that Biden had received over 128,000 votes and Trump none. He said that this was good enough reason to go to court.

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