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Twitter Has Been Reshaping the Presidential Political Campaign

Twitter Has Been Reshaping the Presidential Political Campaign

Clohessy, T., Calinan, C., Acton, T., Whelan, E., & Scott, M. (2017). An analysis of the 2016 American presidential nominees' tweets: A magical realism perspective. Retrieved from

This article analyzes the tweets sent by the 2016 American presidential nominees’ because it is prudent to note how Twitter has been reshaping the presidential political campaign. “The focus of our study examines the manner with which presidential election candidates can use Twitter as a tool for strategic storytelling and create specific narratives for their electorate.” There was need to maximize the messages shared with the public, who are the voters and thus influence them through the use of various techniques for the purposes of transmitting their campaign and ensure that the delivery of their message to the electorate is effective. Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Jill Stein all used Twitter during the six-month period prior to the elections, but to be successful, it had to be from a strategic perspective because as a communication tool, the presidential campaigns had to be objective. Basically, social media has contributed to an increasing number of politicians to present to the electorate the kind of information they can consume.

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