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Twitter insults from Donald Trump Twitter in 2011

Twitter insults from Donald Trump Twitter in 2011

Pappas, A. (2011, September 25). Trump’s 11 best Twitter insults of 2011. Retrieved from

Alex Pappas explores the best eleven Twitter insults from Donald Trump in 2011. He begins with a powerful introduction which enlightens the readers on what to expect from the article. He mentions that if Donald Trump does not like you, he will make it known on twitter and that he uses his twitter handle @realDonaldTrump to fight back reporters, politicians, and celebrities. The author is very elaborative as he goes ahead to cite examples of some of the victims of Donald Trump’s twitter insults like Lawrence O’Donnell and Rosie O’Donnell. He creates an element of curiosity by only giving their names but not sharing the tweet, a tactic which keeps the readers interested in reading more of his work in order to get more information on the subject. He then lists the top eleven insults from @realDonaldTrump’@BarackObama, the habitual vacationer, called America “lazy” this past weekend while in Hawaii.


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