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Twitter is Constantly Enhancing the Use of Lingo For a Better Experience

Twitter is Constantly Enhancing the Use of Lingo Within the Social Networking Space For a Better Experience

@aroetter‎. (2013, September 12). Experiments @ Twitter. Retrieved from

In this blog post, the author talks about the numerous experiments that were frequently conducted by the company. According to the author, the social media platform is committed to constantly evolve and develop their products and services to enable users to connect with other people, create memorable experiences, and to discover new features, at the least. Moreover, the author indicated that the company tends to experiment with different features among various users. Because of this lack of standardization, some features may never be experienced by all users. Besides, since the goal of the company is to learn and improve the user experience, the social network is not keen on officially launching all of the experiments that they implement. Although the company has developed a robust framework for experimentation, it frequently runs its tests mostly on mobile apps than on the web. This piece of writing is useful as it illustrates how Twitter is dedicated to improving its service delivery in terms of enhancing user experience and engagement with the platform.  

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