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Twitter is Used for Information Sharing and Facilitating Engagement

Twitter is Used for Information Sharing and Facilitating Engagement on Different Topics/Issues

Sean, G. (2010, June 18). Big goals, big game, big records. Retrieved from

In this blog post, Sean reports on the user engagement rates on Twitter during the 2010 World Cup and NBA playoffs. The author notes that the popularity of Twitter had extended even to sports fanatics. Notably, sports fans often took to social media to express their sentiments on the then-ongoing 2010 World Cup and the NBA playoffs.  Hence, Twitter was used as an interactive platform for discussing trending sports topics and a rich source of information about the then-progressing sports. During that time, Twitter boasted more than 65 million posts per day and an average of 750 posts per second. However, an analysis of the communication pulse during the 2010 sports rhetoric revealed that an average of 2,940 tweets per second had been posted when Japan scored against Cameroon. Furthermore, an average of 3085 tweets per second was registered when Los Angeles Lakers triumphed over Boston Celtics during the NBA playoffs.  This blog post shows the effectiveness of Twitter in disseminating information as well as in increasing user interaction.  

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