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Twitter Labeled Five of President Trump’s Tweets in Just a Day

Twitter Labeled Five of President Trump’s Tweets in Just a Day

Jibilian, Isabella. "Twitter Labels 5 of Trump's Tweets on Wednesday As 'disputed' and Possibly 'misleading'." Business Insider Africa. Last modified November 4, 2020.

Before the elections, Twitter had mentioned that they would crack down any election misinformation. A day after election day, Twitter marked 5 of Donald Trump’s tweets as misleading. The labeled tweets were all related to Donald Trump’s claim that elections in were rigged in some areas like Michigan. He also said that the Democrats were working to make his lead in Pennsylvania disappear. The tweets were blocked from showing up on users’ feed. Those who could access it, could view the contents but could see Twitters labelling message saying “some or all of the content shared in this tweet is disputed and might be misleading about an election or other civic process” with a link to more information about elections integrity. To see the tweet, one needs to click on view.

The major issue as seen in Donald Trump's previous protest against the election, is the mail ballots. The vote-by mail ballot was introduced because of the coronavirus safety measures. The impact of this voting system was expected to bring some changes on election night, and this happened.

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