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Twitter Reporting Presidiential Personal and Official Duties

Twitter Reporting Presidiential Personal and Official Duties

Nakamura, D. (2018, January 18). Trump, in a tweet, gives voice to unspoken truth about presidential travel. Retrieved from

The article discusses the revelation by Donald Trump about presidential travel, something which other Presidents of America have never shaded light on. The author narrates that this happened during the speech issued by the President at a heavy equipment manufacturing company. The article indicates that he might have not done it intentionally but he did through a tweet shared by him and goes ahead to share the tweet; “Will be going to Pennsylvania today to give my total support to Rick Saccone.” The reporters were quick to notice the discrepancy, as he had indicated that the trip was for official business. This was an indication that in modern presidency; mixing policy and politics comes with the job. The author simply narrates what happens but does not issue his opinion of the matter. The language used is also not simple to understand and no background information was provided on the subject.

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