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Twitter Tactics: How to Succeed on Twitter

Twitter is among the top social media platforms with 330 million active users. Twitter allows users to share/send and receive short posts called tweets. The tweets are up to 280-characters and can include links to outside sources. Most people from the United States use Twitter, which means you can easily access your local market through Twitter if you are targeting the US market. However, that does not mean you cannot reach a global population. Patel (2020) say's that 79% of Twitter user base consists of international users. Social media statistics show that nearly half of marketers say that Twitter is their go-to network for engaging with clients (Zote, 2020). For most businesses, the platform offers the easiest way to grow a brand. Twitter has really grown and with its growth comes endless benefits for businesses that wish to promote their brands or to make important announcements. Today, most companies make official announcements via Twitter.

Although Twitter offers a perfect market, you must be aware of Twitter policies. The platform also has basic rules that you must follow to be able to maximize your experience. A basic rule example is tone of voice, which has been steered up by Twitterism in that, what you say doesn’t matter as much as how you say it. You may need to watch your tone. Ensure to use the right tone of voice with your audience.

You can make your Twitter experience more fruitful by using the right tone of voice, sentiment, and lingo (@mentions, #hashtags, URLs, Abbreviations, and emojis etc.). Below are some of the various things you can do to succeed onTwitter.

Identify Your Audience

Before engaging your audience on social media, make sure you understand their interests, needs, and preferences. When you share content online, it is usually meant for some people(followers). Thus, when you tweet, be mindful by ensuring it is of value and relevant to the audience you have selected, otherwise you will receive no engagement.

Use Hashtags Right

Hashtags are words with pound # sign (#hashtag) at the beginning. Hashtags drive trends and make it easy for people to locate specific topics. So, by just typing in aword with the # sign, a user will get all information related to the word or topic. It helps draw together people who are like-minded regardless of their location. The #hashtags make it easy to share thoughts and to discuss specific topics that are important to certain people. It is a smart way of creating brand awareness.

Recognize your Advocates

Advocacy in todays digital world is crucial especially for businesses. Users can @mention you or your brand on their feed or respond to a friend’s request for something you offer as a business. A mention refers to any time your brand is referenced on the internet, or anytime an online publication uses a brand name (BigCommerce 2015). You should know that when your brand is tagged on Twitter or linked to, your brand is factored into the brand's organic search value. Whenever this happens make sure to appreciate the advocate for the mention. You can build a more lasting relationship with your audience, through this kind of interactions. Mentions are one of the most important engagement metrics.

Ensure to Use the Right Tone and Sentiment

Your tweets reflect your view, attitude, and position regarding a certain topic, and that is sentiment. The way that tweet comes out to the audience or the manner and attitude in which the tweet is delivered is your tone. So, ensure you sound just right in your tweets to avoid misunderstanding and misinterpretation of your tweet. Sentiment can be positive, negative, or neutral emotion. Be certain to evoke the right emotions among your audience/followers. The way you sound in your tweet evoke a specific response from followers. You should know that the social media lingo used impacts how the message is consumed. To understand this and more about tone of voice you need to use on Twitter and how it impacts engagement with followers or any other social media platform, visit



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