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Twitter Unique Lingo Fascinates Its Followers

The Growing Popularity of Twitter Can Be Attributed to the Unique Lingo that Fascinates Its Followers

Levy, S. (2007, April 29). Twitter: Is brevity the next big thing? Retrieved from

In this opinionated article, Levy explores the growth of Twitter since its birth in March 2006. The author notes that Jack Dorsey, one of the co-founders of the social media platform, had been long fascinated with the prospect of people keeping abreast with the activities of other people, and it did not take him too long before he made his imagination a reality. Even more fascinating than the birth of Twitter was the simplicity of the digital platform.  Users were expected to update their statuses in less than 140 characters. Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter’s brevity rule and simplicity became its biggest unique selling point. It is safe to assume that Twitter’s popularity increased because it compelled online users to adopt a social lingo that would increase the level of engagement with their followers. This article is very useful in understanding how Twitter has shaped the digital adaptability of most social leaders.  


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