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Twitter was Trump's Presidency Avatar and Mouthpiece

Twitter was Trump's Presidency Avatar and Mouthpiece

Schulz, J. (2021, June 10). Twitter is the (Very short term) winner of the Trump oversight board saga. Lawfare.

According to the article, Facebook responded to the Facebook Oversight Board’s (FOB) decision about Donald Trump’s fate on the platform. Facebook responded with a 20-page document which people reacted to differently. Some interpreted that it was a win for Trump saying he could make his way back on Facebook before the 2024 elections if he behaves. Other interpreted it that Facebook won, but many are not convinced. However, according to the authors, the real winner is neither Facebook nor Trump but Twitter. The author mentions that Twitter was the avatar and the mouthpiece for Trump’s presidency and was his vehicle for expressing power of the office. Following the aftermath of the Jan 6 riots, Twitter was the very first platform to ban Trump permanently from their platform and received so much criticism for that. So, Twitter defined the moment of the sweep of trump’s accounts. The author mentions that Twitter has no Oversight Board like Facebook and that they removed Trump from their platform with a single blog. Although that may sound good for many, the lack of a post hoc review system “may well be a long-term loser in the battle for platform government legitimacy.”

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