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Understanding the Demographics of Trump’s Followers on Twitter

Understanding the Demographics of Trump’s Followers on Twitter

Wang, Y., Luo, J., Niemi, R., Li, Y., & Hu, T. (2016). Catching fire via 'likes': Inferring topic preferences of Trump followers on Twitter.  

The paper focuses on the topics of preference for the followers of President Donald Trump on twitter. The authors go ahead to mention the methods used to gather the information as Latent Dirichlet allocation, and negative binomial regression. The article gives insight into Trump’s likes and his attacking democrats; former president Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The authors believe that Donald Trump presidency is a significant event in the United States and this is one of the main reasons for conducting the study. The paper ends with a conclusive conclusion that the most preferred topic among Trump’s followers is the ‘Democrats’. The paper also provides an inference for studies on Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton making it useful to other researchers conducting similar studies. The authors indicate that they have interest in understanding the demographics of Trump’s followers on twitter and their sentiments on the social media platform during the campaigns.  

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