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Was Trump Serious About Banning TikTok?

Was Trump Serious About Banning TikTok?

Matsakis, L. (2020 May 08). Trump’s TikTok Drama Is a Distraction. Wired:  
This article indicates that many American “TikTokers” panicked after Trump’s threats on banning TikTok in the United States. According to the author, the white house officials held talks over Chinese-based apps and their risk to national security. During the same period, Microsoft released a statement indicating ongoing discussions on buying TikTok from its parent company ByteDance. However, TikTok is a minor issue in the current state of the US-China relations. The two countries have been having poor relations during the Trump administration. It is also believed that TikTok is a part of the Chinese Communist party and there are fear that the platform maybe used to spread propaganda and unwanted ideologies. While TikTok boasts over 100 million users in the US, security concerns indicate that the app may provide access to the country’s infrastructure which does not have proper security measures. The US-China relations go beyond technology to include other aspects such as culture and religion. The author further indicates that there is a need to design a framework in the use of surveillance technology from China.  

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