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What Does the Chinese Internet Calls Trump?

What Does the Chinese Internet Calls Trump?

Siqi. Ji. (2020 Nov 7). What the Chinese internet calls Trump: Boss, Emperor, king of knowledge, baby, Comrade Building the (Chinese) Nation. South China Morning Post:

The author of this post reports that internet users in china have identified several nicknames for the American president, Donald trump. For the last four years, the Chinese internet users use names such as; Boss, Emperor, king of knowledge, baby, and Comrade Building the (Chinese) Nation. The author provides a list of other nicknames for Donald Trump that were coined after the Covid 19 pandemic. Some of the Chinese are now calling him “Nobody knows the coronavirus better than me”. This came after Donald Trump frequently used the statement in media while ignoring most of the scientific facts about the spread and control of the Pandemic within and beyond the borders of the United States of America. On the other hand, “the emperor” and “great commander” are the two nicknames used to show authoritatarian aspect of Trump’s rule. Lastly, “comrade building the nation” refers to Trump’s involvements that in the end help china to reform its economy. In general the use of nicknames in the Chinese digital space indicates the relations between two countries and the extent it has affected the public in the affected countries.  

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