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What Has Trump Been Tweeting After Inauguration?

What Has Trump Been Tweeting After Inauguration?

McNamara, B. (January 22, 2018). 1 Year of Trump's tweets, analyzed. Retrieved from

This article explores Donald Trump’s tweets through an analysis of what he’s been tweeting after he was inaugurated. His tweets were declared to be official statements, “In June 2017, the White House declared that the president's tweets are official statements, meaning all of those 140-character notes are burned into the governmental record.” Apparently, all the statements being claimed to be official have not been positive in the public as they have portrayed racist retweets, bullying, and indecent opinions. There are some statements which have not remained in Trump’s speeches, like Clinton, Russia, and “fake news” as they have been extended to Twitter. The tweet that was earning the most retweets and likes; 1 million, was one where he did post a video of him fighting the CNN logo and it was the most popular of the period of analysis. In second came the tweet, “Why would Kim Jong-un insult me by calling me "old," when I would NEVER call him "short and fat?" Oh well, I try so hard to be his friend - and maybe someday that will happen!” which got almost 900,000 retweets and likes.

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