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What is The Best Time to Post on Twitter

What is The Best Time to Post on Twitter

Quin, R. M. (2014, August 20). Discover your best time to post on twitter. Audiense. Retrieved from

In this blog post, Quin provides some recommendations on the best time to post on Twitter. According to the author, if a user tweets at the wrong time, there is a significant possibility that his or her post will not garner much attention. However, given that there are no definite rules when it comes to the timing of posts on Twitter, accurate results can only be achieved using data analytic tools. Nevertheless, some recommendations could substantially help users to increase the efficiencies of their posts. Quin recommends testing what works by tweeting at different times. For instance, tweets posted during the weekend are likely to generate more engagement as opposed to those posted during the working days of the week. This is because most people are likely to browse through social media sites during their free time than when they are busy. This article is important because it proposes measures that could be adopted by social leaders to improve their communication strategies on Twitter.


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