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What Topics Did Trump Tweet About?

What Topics Did Trump Tweet About?

ABC News. (2017, May 1). 100 days of Twitter: A timeline of President Trump's tweets. Retrieved from

The article analyses the first one hundred tweets by President Donald Term in his first term in the White House. The author has therefore, compiled tweets from his official @realDonaldTrump account. The author has further classified the tweets according to the various subjects they discuss such as health and immigration, mostly the important issues affecting the lives of Americans daily. The presentation and analysis of the tweets however does not include the retweets from the tweets. This does not give a true picture of how the message sent across by the president through the tweets is received and viewed by the citizens. Without the retweets, we cannot tell the intensity and impact of the tweets sent out by President Donald Trump and his team. The data is however very accurate and detailed as it contains tweets retrieved directly from the timeline of @realDonaldTrump compiled using the HTML tweets.

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