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What Trump Tweets Say About His Personality

What Trump Tweets Say About His Personality

Heidelberg. (July 25, 2017). What do Trump’s tweets say about his personality? Retrieved from

This article is an analysis of Donald Trump’s tweets in a bid to identify what they portray about his personality and goes on to compare it to other business personalities that are influential. Basically, Donald Trump has proved to be a creative individual wo enjoy competition and like to break rules as they make him more effective in his area of expertise as well as to carry out his agenda to fulfilment. Besides, the traits are not enough because apart from being an entrepreneurial businessman, he is a politician that occupies the top office in the United States of America and therefore, has to portray himself as a different individual. “Since joining the social media platform Twitter in 2009 to May 2017, Trump has issued more than 35 000 messages.” That is to say he is always active on a daily basis and it makes him to accumulate more followers through his tweets because the language he uses reveals his personality.  

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