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What Will Trump Do After Office?

What Will Trump Do After Office?

Davis, T. (2021, January 18). What Will Trump Do After White House? Bloomberg.   do-after-white-house-president-s-next-steps-explained

The authors states that the former presidents spend their time out of office golfing, getting their libraires in order and making paid speeches, as well as crafting more lucrative memoirs. However, Trump's life out of office will be unique given he never adhered with office norms. One thing that was certain of him is that he wouldn’t attend Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony but no one has an idea what he will do after that. Trump hinted that he would be moving to his Mar-a-Lago private club, but some of his neighbors say that it is highly likely he will not be able to live there full-time. According to the author, based on the January 6 events, it is most likely that tens of million will revile him which could hurt his businesses. On the other hand, there could be tens of millions of other Americans who will most likely form a durable base support for him. this gives him a chance when he runs for office again. And since his loyal followers are most likely to be frozen out of mainstream media opportunities, Trump could create a network to compete with Fox News or a social media site to compete with Twitter.

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